Nov 17, 2011

The Greek referendum: would have been right?

In the recent days all leaders of the world gathered at G20 summit in Cannes in order to take only those decisions which are more suitable for the current financial crisis.

The Greek's behavior is the main problem of this summit. I believe that the Greek’s application to the EU was fraudulent. Fraud is not a basis for long term relations. Now the public Greek debt has been increasing without any efficiency, i.e. all expenditure was for social benefits and nothing for investments.

In this world in which the human feelings are the foundation for the value of money, the main principle is that the society is impossible to continue to exist without ethics and morality. Another important thing is relate to the rights. Everywhere rights are followed by obligations. Without obligations, rights never exist.

The Greek Government did not organise a referendum when it used fraud by any means to gain more rights in the EU. Now, they do not want to assume their obligations. There is a misunderstanding of reality and a misuse of rights.

The ethics and morality are not present in the Greek's behavior. The proposal for a referendum in order to decide if they will accept or not the consequences of their actions is not fair.

International political pressure is normal in this conditions and it is just a step for rectify this type of wrong behavior.

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