Dec 3, 2011

An apparent paradox

The paradox is: as a form of communities leadership there is the decision of majority (the dictatorship of majority), and on the other hand, the average IQ of the majority is usually below to the entire population.

The intelligence is the only one that could creates value added and innovation. It is clear that the majority cannot produce enough resources so that they can maintain their current living standards.

The intelligence is grouped in businesses which create enough value added to give them a big power to negotiate, even with states.

There is an apparent paradox - between the dictatorship of the stupid majority and the smart minority - because few political decisions are really in favor of the majority. So this is the normality, the steady state of the society.

In other words, a large mass with a lower rate of IQ cannot govern a smart minority as long as it is dependent on the value added created by that minority, and politicians can only favor the interests of the minority.

In any society most of the benefits from political decisions are direct related with the average IQ of the majority.

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